Attorney Testimonials

Best experience I've ever had.

I hired Justin in January of 2016. My case started & continued to be a very complex, hard fought workman's comp battle. As soon as I met Justin High, I knew I had found the right attorney. Not only did he meet with me personally, but didn't rush through our visit. Made me feel very comfortable and deserving of the issues at hand.

My case was finally completed in February of 17'. A very proud moment for us, as we proved & won the toughest issue that my former employer was fighting us the most on. Victory!

Not only did Justin return my phone calls/emails (trust me there were many!) in a timely fashion...but took time in each & every conversation to explain, identify & meet my needs to the fullest. I'm not sure I have every met a person/attorney, who knows the law-and many aspects of- as well as Justin.

I also had the privilege of speaking with Frank Younes about a separate issue this past Fall, and found him to be friendly, most helpful & responsive to my questions. I appreciated this so much as not only was I going though the WC battle but also an unexpected divorce.

In closing, I want to mention also their staff. The girls were so nice, patient with me & competent. Thank you! I would give High & Younes not only a 5 star rating, but highly recommend their services to any and all in need of legal help. Best experience I've ever had.

Kristine Dierking    Lincoln, NE   

Trustworthy attorney that gets things done
From day 1 Frank was able to give me several different options and helped me to choose which course would be best for me in my family law case. Everything was done quickly and without problem. I walked away from court and what seemed like a never ending battle completely satisfied with the outcome. I would recommend Frank and his firm to anyone looking for an attorney who really knows their stuff and cares about their clients.

Very Professional
The amount of time Frank took to understand my situation and have an extensive knowledge of his profession gave me the assurance he could handle any difficult task and take care of his clients.

Help when needed most
Frank was professional and understanding. He was able to get me a better result than I ever imagined. I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking legal assistance.
- A Client - 

Great attorney
Justin represented our firm in a wrongful death/worker’s comp case. It was very complex and time consuming. Justin did an excellent job. Really appreciated his attention to detail and dedication.

Custody of my children
Justin High asked me what I wanted in my divorce and I said the most important thing was custody of my children. That’s what I got. Sole custody of my four children. How many fathers get that? I also got a monthly child support check from my ex-wife and a lot of good advice on all sorts of issues
Tom Theisen 

I wouldn’t look anywhere else
When interviewing for my lawyer, I take a few things into consideration. How educated are they in my area of interest, am I truly getting their attention, listening to every detail, for a tailored game plan, and are they hungry to get the job done not only for my benefit…but to uphold their good name as well. I found that, and more, when working with Mr. Younes. From contract work to my criminal defense, he had the answer…and if he didn’t…he made sure to find out. There are many discount lawyers out there, but remember you get what you pay for…and if you want a hungry, driven, up and comer with experience in settling million dollar cases…look no further. You’ve found the right guy. I’ve recently moved out of Nebraska but still find it worth my time to refer back to Mr. Younes when issues arise. I appreciate everything he’s done for me and wish, and know, much success is in his future.